About Us

ItalySource is a travel company that specializes in Italy, plus Switzerland, Paris and northern France. We’re a small company, based in the USA. Our offices are located in the Shenandoah Valley about 65 miles west of Washington, DC. You will be speaking to us in the Eastern time zone.

Founders and owners Joe and Barbara Sobol got started with European travel in 1993. They began making video travel productions to sell to American libraries as Destination Images. They’ve traveled extensively in Europe, and keep going back to revisit hotels and guides, talking to the people who help to make your trip a memorable experience.

Every trip we do is personalized in one way or another. We don’t just pull standardized arrangements off the shelf. We know the hotels we use, and we do our best to match the hotels with what we know about you and your expectations. We go to the extra effort of getting you specific train tickets, because it saves you money over using rail passes. Everyone on our staff is looking out for your individual preferences, from departure times for your trains to reservations you may want for certain galleries.

We stick with what we know, from experience. That means that whatever it is you want to see in Italy, Switzerland or Paris, chances are that one of us has been there and can give you a first-hand report. Give us a ring and see what we can do for you!

Travel News

A little history on the Vatican Museums

In today’s travel news… History of the Vatican Museums The Vatican Museums originated as a group of sculptures collected by Pope Julius II (1503-1513) and placed in what today is the “Cortile Ottagono” within the museum complex. The popes were among … (read more)


Our Favorite Trips

Most popular among our customers and our team!

The ItalySource “Top 8 or 10 or so” list. We love these trips, of course, but we’re not sure why they’re selected more than others. Maybe one of these will become a fave of yours?


map_italy_lgClick Here to find an ItalySource Map showing all our Package destinations as well as an interactive Google Map of Italy.



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